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Todays weather forecast

Click here to see todays weather forecast for Isle of Man waters.

To download the 24 hour forecast click here.

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Don't forget its our social this Friday 1st May

This is to remind you that we have our social evening for members at the Douglas Bay Yacht Club to kick off the summer sailing and cruising season this Friday.

The evening will consist of a quiz, raffle and a brief talk by the Crewmaster about the sailing programme. In addition there will be a slide show about Pride of Mann III showing her from construction through to her arriving on the Island.   

The "do" will start at 1930 and there will be a hot and cold buffet, the cost for the evening is £10. The social is being organised by Gill and Neil Johnson please contact them via email at neilsj@manx.net or call on 401811 to book your place. They require to know the number of people attending so they can book the catering so please ensure you contact them.  They  required final numbers by the 24th April but if you want to come along and still haven't booked give them a call to see if its possible to book a ticket.

Membership fee for 2015 due now

On the 1st April your membership fee for 2015 were due and under our Constitution anyone who has not paid by the 28th April ceases to become a member.   If you pay by cash or cheque and have still not paid then it should be sent to our Membership Secretary, Monica Clark, 42 Wybourn Drive, Onchan, IM3 4AN to reach her by the tomorrow the 28th April.   

Our Membership Secretary  spends a considerable amount of time each year chasing payment of outstanding membership fees and it would greatly assist her,  and the Charity in general, if all members paid by standing order.   It is easy to do this as the form is available to download from our webpage, under the heading “more downloads” or by clicking here.    If you need assistance with the standing order form  please contact Monica on 471666.

 For your membership you get:

  • Sailing on the most modern yacht on the Isle of Man
  • The use of waterproofs when you go sailing
  • The provision of lifejackets.
  • Free tea, coffee and biscuits when you go sailing.
  • The newsletter
  • The website
  • Access to training with an RYA instructor.
  • Awareness training to the RYA Sailability syllabus
  • Access to dedicated email address and phone number to book sails
  • Social events
  • Company of other members
  • The opportunity to help others in society

All this for the nominal fee of £10 which we are sure you will see as excellent value for money. If you wish you  can pay more as a donation.   

                                    Where else do you get such great value?

Commemorating the rescue – 100th anniversary: 3rd May 2015

As part of the Isle of Man’s commemoration of the First World War, Peel Town Commissioners have decided to mark the centenary of the sinking of the “Lusitania” off the Irish coast eleven miles of the Old Head of Kinsale on 7th May 1915.

The link to Peel relates to the first vessel attending the scene being the lugger “The Wanderer” (PL11) which was a Peel registered fishing boat,the prompt arrival on the scene resulted in them  rescuing 160 men, women and children.

It was to be two hours before rescuers heading from the Irish mainland reached the scene, but the crew of the twenty ton lugger, Wanderer, fishing a few miles off Kinsale with 800 mackerel on board, was alerted by Thomas Woods, after he saw the Lusitania listing. Steering the vessel, Woods was alone on deck, on watch, having sent little Johnny Macdonald below to make tea. The skipper of the Wanderer, Stanley Ball from Jurby, is reported to have said to Woods “Go for her, be British”.

The service of commemoration will take place at the RNLI station on Sunday 3rd May 2015 at 12 noon led by Bishop Paterson, and in the presence of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Adam Wood. Then a flotilla of craft will sail out of the bay to a point behind the breakwater where poppies will be placed on the sea. As the craft depart the bay led by Peel RNLI lifeboat a lone piper will play from the point of the breakwater.

Pride of Mann III has been invited by Peel Commissioners to form part of the flotilla and subject to the dredging being carried out at Peel marina POM III will be sailing out of Peel. All members are invited to attend the service at 1200 which will be conducted by the Bishop.

Whats going on 3rd May:

12 noon: Service and flotilla of vessels from the Lifeboat Station
3:30pm: Presentation of the story - Peel Centenary Centre
7pm: An evening event - Marine Parade

Further information on the event is available at www.the wanderer100.com

First cruise of the year completed

Well I think it’s fair to say that we all had a very good time on our cruise to Northern  Ireland under skipper Arne’s benevolent guidance. We went “widdershins” as they say in Yorkshire about the island and at the Point of Ayre we were greeted by an enthusiastic band of supporters waving wildly as we passed and shouting Bon Voyage messages.

Having safely negotiated the Irish Sea we sailed through the Donaghee Sound and on to Bangor.

Bangor is a very nice small town in Belfast Lough and was our base for the next day or so while we explored Belfast and visited the Titanic Exhibition.

The return journey was dominated by one word – Fog. 

Having hugged the Irish coastline and anchored for a while for lunch we set sail for the Sound making way in fog that lasted just about all the way to Douglas. We danced around the stern of a tanker and just as we approached Port Erin the Fog lifted for about 15 minutes as we made our way through the Sound only to clamp down yet again as we passed Langness and on to Douglas.

Many thanks to Arne for his wisdom and to all on board, we had a harmonious and fun time on this POM III’s first cruise.

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