• Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

  • I enjoyed my birthday out sailing

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  • We loved our cruise to Scotland

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

  • Visitors to the Island

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  • Ballacottier Rainbow Group

  • Visitors to our waters

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Todays weather forecast

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Read about POMIII in May edition of Marina Magazine

On line version of Marina magazine available for you to view by clicking here, see page 64 to read about POMIII.

In issue 3 of a new publication called "Marina Magazine" which was published on the 23 May there is an article on page 64 about our new boat, its supply by Ancasta International Boat Sales and the fit out by Hamble Yacht Services. The magazine should be available through WHSmith and also in marinas in the UK. We hope to have a hard copy on board for you to read when you go sailing.

100 Club results for May

We are pleased to announce that the May draw for the 100 Club has now been made and the lucky winners are shown below. 

The Club 100 provides a fun way of you giving some additional support to the charity and  its running costs.

Why not join in the monthly draw it only costs £24 per year and half the money raised goes in prizes and the other 50% going towards the upkeep of our boat.   The application form can be found in our “More Downloads” page on the website. Please contact the secretary@manx.net for information on where to send it.

If you not in it you cant win it!

Congratulations to our lucky winners.

1st  Sue Cowell               £30

2nd  Bert Hopkinson       £20

3rd  Linda Moore             £10

Sailing figures for April

In April we had 58 berths filled on sails by enabled  crew members who comprised a mixture of our own members and people from Community Groups.  These sails were supported by 22 of our able bodied members who filled 36 crew slots on the sails. This ratio resulted in 61.7% of the persons sailing being classified as enabled.

In the period October- April 33 of our enabled members have enjoyed one or more sails on Pride of Mann III, which is quite good when you consider this is the winter period. Those sailing equates to approximately 33% our members with a disability having sailed so far during a period when it’s been cold out on the water. 

 Community Groups who sailed with us in April were Ballacottier Rainbow Group, Peel Clothworkers School, Ramsey Grammar School, Crossroads Carers and Manx Blind Welfare Society. 

In addition to the local sails that took place the first cruise of the year was completed with four male members under the age of 18 enjoying a visit to Bangor NI.

Commemorating the rescue – 100th anniversary: 3rd May 2015

This afternoon Sunday 3rd May we had the privilege of being part of the small flotilla of boats that followed Peel lifeboat out of the bay. Prior to the lifeboat launching a service was held in the boat house to remember those lost on the 7th May 1915 when the Cunard luxury liner RMS Lusitania was torpedoed off the southern coast of Ireland by a German U-boat. The service also recognised the bravery of the crew of the Peel fishing boat the Wanderer who saved 160 lives.
Whilst a piper played from the breakwater we followed the lifeboat and the other boats behind the castle where from the lifeboat they scattered poppies on the sea and Peel Commissioner Kate Felton who was with us laid a wreath in memory of those lost.

Have a look at our Facebook site to see pictures from today.

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