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POM III offically named

On Sunday the 11th October Members, Guests, Sponsors and Friends of SFTD gathered to celebrate the first birthday of Pride of Mann III and to see her officially name

The naming was carried out by our Patron Sir Miles Walker and Lady Walker who in traditional style poured champagne over the bow of the boat.

Following the naming the party moved to Douglas Bay Yacht Club to enjoy refreshments and hear a short speech by the new chairman Arne Dahn who said.

“We are very much reliant on the support of individuals, companies, donors and those who drop money into our collection boxes. Without whose support we would not be able to make the significant difference that we do make to the lives of so many people of differing ages, giving them the chance to reach their full potential.    

We are also very conscious of the amazing amount of time and energy that our volunteers donate to achieving our aims and are incredibly grateful for their contribution.

It is through your support that we are able to improve the lives of these people in the Island with disabilities”

 The boat was open for viewing during the afternoon and all who boarded her were impressed with the facilities available.

Pride of Mann III was dressed in bunting for the occasion and a plaque marking the occasion has been mounted in the saloon.  

The Chairman and committee would like to thank all those who worked behind the scene on the planning and preparations for the day,also John of Douglas Bay Yacht Club for the catering and to

Fenella Cakes for the magnificent cake modeled on POM III.

Pictures will be loaded on our Facebook site later


New Committee elected

At the AGM held on Tuesday 6th October, which was attended by 24  members with some members making a  postal votes, the following matters were voted on; the details on the proposals were included with the notification of the AGM which was issued to members by the Secretary.

  1. Change to the Constitution                          Accepted 
  2. Increase in the membership fee to £20     Rejected
  3. Change to the Vessel Code of Practice      Rejected

The election of officers resulted in the following persons being elected to serve for 12 months.

  • Chairman        Arne Dahn
  • Vice chairman Roy Maddrell
  • Secretary          Gerry Morley
  • Treasurer         Paul Atkinson
  • Committee members
    • Margaret Brierley
    • Gillian Johnson
    • Neil Johnson
    • Adrienne Sanderson
    • Tony Skillen

The new committee will be meeting in the near future and further information on relevant matters will be released to the members via the website following this meeting.

First Aid Course

The IOM Yacht Club at Port St Mary will be holding a RYA first aid course next Saturday 10th October. This course is specially designed for those who go sailing and gives practical advice that could prove to be invaluable both at sea and on land. The course is led by Mr Steve Upsdell who in attention to being a leading surgeon is also a sailor.

 All skippers and mates are required to hold a current first aid certificate; which are required to be revalidated every three years, please check to see if yours is still valid. Due to the first aid being mandatory for skippers and mates the charity pays their course fee. Other members are able to attend but they must pay the cost of the course themselves.

Please let Rodger know if you wish to attend by contacting him on 327990 or by emailing him at crewtraining@manx.net

Happy Birthday to you!!

At 12:30 Monday 28th September it was exactly one year ago that Pride of Mann III sailed into Douglas to be greeted by members and friends from the charity. She has now completed her first year of service with the charity and many people have enjoyed he opportunity to try her out, this includes wheelchair users, both electric and standard wheel chairs.

Out today for the birthday sail we were delighted to have on board pupils and staff from Ballacottier Rainbow group, who are one of our regular groups. The opportunity to celebrate and share a birthday cake with this delightful group could not be missed.

It was fitting to have on board to join in the celebration Linda McCauley, wife of Ian who was our past Chairman and whom provided the leadership through the purchase of the new boat and also the Vice Chairman from that time Rodger Clague. 

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters for your help in keeping us sailing.  

Happy Birthday POM III

The offical celebration will be in the afternoon of  Sunday 11th October when POMIII will also be named.

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