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Todays weather forecast

Click here to see todays weather forecast for Isle of Man waters.

To download the 24 hour forecast click here.

To download the five day shipping forecast click here.

                     To see the latest IOM weather forecast click here.

                     To see the tide times for Douglas click here.

First sail completed

Today Wednesday 21st January the hardy souls from the Special Needs Unit from the Cothworkers Primary School in Peel had their first sail ever with us. Four of the children from the group along with their teachers and support staff boarded POMIII and sailed  on the 1015 bridge lift and returned at 1145. Whlist it was very cold  with little wind the chlidren enjoyed their experience  under the care of Rodger,Frank and Neil. They are next booked into sail on the 4th February when a different group of children will enjoy the thrill of being on a yacht.

This is Liverpool Coastguard Over and Out

Today Friday 16th January will see the closure of the Liverpool Coast guard centre at Crosby on Merseyside, this station is one of several Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centres closing down.  Holyhead Coastguard station will take on responsibility for the area previously covered by Liverpool.

 The closure of Liverpool coastguard’s co-ordination centre coincides with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency shutting seven other bases across the UK and with a new National Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) being created in Fareham long with nine 24-hour Coastguard Operations Centres (CGOCs), Holyhead being one of them.The other centres are Dover,Stornoway,  Shetland,Aberdeen,Humber,Falmouth,Belfast and Milford Haven.

In the past we have seen the closure in December 2012 of the Clyde Coastguard whose area is now covered by Belfast, so for the areas we normally sail in we will be now dealing with either Belfast or Holyhead.

So today it’s right to say “This is Liverpool Coastguard over and out.”

RYA courses for you at Port St Mary

As previously announced courses are to be  run at the Isle of Man Yacht Club in Port St Mary for SFTD members.

Starting in January two practical courses, which may be of interest to you, will be run both will lead to a formal qualification that will be beneficial to anyone sailing.

Short Range Certificate for VHF/DSC

This will be held on one Saturday plus the Sunday morning on dates to be agreed with SFTD. Cost which includes the certificate is £95.


Diesel engine course.

Covering basic engine maintenance and how to get your engine going again should it stop.

This course will be held on  Thursday evenings 1900-2100, the course duration being three evenings.

The start date is to be advised. Cost £65.


For further information call Rodger on 327990 or email him at crewtraining@manx.net. If you wish to attend you must book a place with Rodger.

100 club draw winners

The lucky winners of the first draw in 2015 for the 100 club draw are listed below.

Why not join in the monthly draw it only costs £24 per year and half the money raised goes in prizes and the other 50% going towards the upkeep of our boat.   Download a form now from our “More Downloads” page on the website and send it to Liz Clague at golfcleggy@manx.net

The winners for January are:

1.        Susan Jones              £30

2.       Joan Sherry               £20

3.        Mark Buttery           £10

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