• The Burro Dragon

  • Some of the helpers at the bag pack Shoprite Port Erin

  • Attending the Lusitania memorial 3 May at Peel

  • I enjoyed my birthday out sailing

  • We like sailing, why don't you join us.

  • We loved our cruise to Scotland

  • Peel Clothworkers primary school pay their first visit

  • Visitors to the Island

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  • Ballacottier Rainbow Group

  • Visitors to our waters

  • Ramsey Grammar School


Todays weather forecast

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Ramsey Flag Day results

Many thanks to Margaret and her helpers Lorraine,Nicky, Sue,Ade,Gill,Linda,Joyce,Eunice,Sarah,Frank B,Frank S,David B, Neil, Paul and Roy who today turned out at the Ramsey Flag Day.

In chilly blustery conditions they manned their posts outside of Shoprite and the Co-Op where the people of Ramsey and the North showed their generous support for our charity.

The collections raised £581.63 pence and additional money was raised through purchases of our new SFTD "bag for life" 25 being purchased on our first outting with the new bags.

The next Flag Day is on the 11th June  in Douglas and Margaret requires help for this collection please try and spare an hour or two to support the charity.  


Bag a bag for life

We now have SFTD hesin "bags for life" , you can even take it with you to the after life,  with a chic design that will set you off when you go shopping. They will match your charity shop designer label clothing quite nicely and you will be carrying an exclussive "Ade S" design around with you. 

Well you are probably wondering if you can afford such an exclusive item; but you can we are offering them at a very affordable £5 so go on a snatch our hand of and grab a bag.

Please call Ade on 466514 to place your order.  


First cruise of the year completed

Finally we have managed to get the first cruise of 2016 completed and for two of those on-board it was their first ever cruise. New member Will and returning member Julie celebrated in style their maiden  cruise from Douglas to Ardglas and back over the weekend 15th - 17th. Covering 100 miles in lively conditions with winds between force 4 and 5 they both coped well and enjoyed the experience of visiting distant shores with their fellow crew mates Ollie,Leslie,Wendy,Martin and skipper Arne. 
Well done all the crew who were on POMIII for the cruise.

What has your committee been up to?


Since election in October your new committee has been working to move the charity forward and to have in place funding, policies, processes, socials and sailing that allows the continued development of the charity.

In the last six months the committee has:

  • Produced an extensive sailing programme
  • Re-established links with our Corporate members
  • Booked  the annual Corporate Hospitality evening 17 June
  • Run two social evenings
  • Booked the Yacht Club for a Christmas 2016 social
  • Punlished Newsletter
  • Introduced a New Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy
  • Held a bag pack and booked more
  • Arranged Flag days  - next one 23 April at Ramsey
  • Promoted the charity via Facebook - Likes now  413
  • Increased the vetting team and introduced a working vetting  process

We know there is more work to do and are open to suggestions and proposals on any specific aspect that you feel needs addressing.  

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