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Pride of Man III and Training

Good News!

 Pride of Man III (“POM”) will return from Whitehaven Saturday 15 January 2022. POM will be based in Peel for the time being whilst the dredging works continue in Douglas, this work is dependent on weather and tides so we have no estimate of when the boat will return to Douglas at the moment. We will provide an update once we know. 

We have a training period planned as soon as the boat returns and this is now on the sailing schedule on the website. This training is open to both enabled sailors and crew. This will consist of both sails, tide and weather permitting plus training on POM in the Marina (dry training). 

We are looking for all crew to drive their own training and competency. This can be though these training sessions or though scheduled sails and just asking to be shown things with which you are not familiar.

We are able to get a 10% discount on RYA courses at a training school on the Clyde to undertake RYA qualifications. This is a fantastic way to progress as you will spend 5 days sailing and learning.

Support for training is available through our training officer Richard Wild crewtraining@sftd-IOM.com or 07624 281001.

We are planning a Disability Awareness Course (“DAT”) which is mandatory for all crew, if you have not attended please contact Carole Qualye carolequale@gmail.com to express interest and you will be notified of the course. The course is a full day on a Saturday, the morning is classroom based and the afternoon is on POM iii.

We will be adding regular sails to the website shortly. To book any of the training sails or regular sails please contact the Crewmaster (Chris Wood) crewmaster@sftd--iom.com.

Last 100 Club winners of the year

The lucky winners of the 100 Club prize draw of December 2021 are:

First prize  -  number 61  Nicky Kelly       £30
Second prize  - number 23 Ian Gardner  £15
Third prize  -  number 43  Mark Buttery   £8

The CHRISTMAS BONUS prize of £10 goes to Ade Sanderson


The 100 Club is a prize draw that helps to raise funds for your charity. We need more members joining the 100 Club so more funds will be raised. The more members we have the bigger the prizes!
The cost is only £2 per month, that is £24 usually paid annually. Members stand a very good chance of winning and recuperating their subscription. Application forms can be downloaded here

Pride of Man III

Progress on Pride of Mann III.

 Pride of Man III was taken to Whitehaven in late November for routine maintenance and repairs. Weather has been a factor in delaying the lift out and work. We are hoping to get the boat back in early January subject to completion of the works and suitable weather window for the trip back. We will update you early in the new year. On its return Pride of Man III will return to Peel until dredging works, adjacent to our birth in Douglas are completed. We have no estimate of how long this will be as the dredging is dependent on tides and weather.

Work currently in progress in Whitehaven.

  • Hull under the water cleaned and repainted with anti-fouling.
  • Top sides cleaned and polished
  • Engine service including analysis of an oil sample to determine engine condition.
  • Gas safety test
  • Repairs to teak on cockpit sole.
  • The full cockpit cover has been removed to be cleaned. All the windows in the cockpit cover will be replaced with a specific high quality material which will increase visibility and should last far better. In addition, there are a number of other repairs to the cockpit cover including replacement of broken zips and other fastenings along with a number of other repairs to areas of wear.
  •  Replacement of warn foresail sheet and broken starboard sheet car. On a section of the sheet the outer sheath had warn through as a result of a jammed roller on the sheet car.



Covid update for sailing with SFTD - 14th January 2022

With POM iii retuning from Whitehaven this is now the updated advice. 
In order to comply with current IOM government advice, we would like to make all sailors- crew and enabled members- aware of the following:
+ Anyone taking part in any activity on the boat ( sailing, training etc) is expected to do a lateral flow test at least one hour before. These are available free of charge from most pharmacies, and can be ordered on the IOM government website.
+ Wearing a facemask remains optional but is advised if you are close to others . There is a supply on the boat.
+ Good hand hygiene and surface cleaning practices must be adhered to.

Pride of Mann III

Every two years Pride of Man III is taken away for routine maintenance and repairs. This is now due and the opportunity has arisen to take the boat to Whitehaven on Monday 22 November to be lifted out and the work undertaken. The work is expected to take two weeks and includes painting below the waterline, gel coat repairs and engine maintenance.  There then needs to be  a weather window and a skipper and crew avialable to bring her back. As soon as POM III is back we will restart the sailing program keep an eye on the website and facebook. 

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